This is CLASS

Taking the most popular classes, the best coaches and the top technology, CLASS creates workouts that transform your body, and the way you look at workouts. Work smarter, reach your goals faster and have fun.


1. What is CLASS?

One name, twelve kick-ass workouts. CLASS is a modern twist on traditional MMA and high -intensity interval training classes. Led by top coaches, you’ll be pushed through 50 challenging minutes leaving you sweaty and tired – but satisfied. Our twelve distinct yet complimentary classes, offer something for everyone and keep your workouts fresh. By incorporating multiple difference pieces of exercise equipment, workouts are constantly changing and evolving so you will never get bored. Burn up to 700* calories, build lean muscle and watch yourself transform into your strongest, most confident self.

2. Is CLASS for all levels?

Yes! CLASS is designed for all fitness levels. Our coaches are here to push you, but we want you to listen to your body. If you are unable to do a certain exercise or are working through an injury, ask the instructor for a modification. Their goal is to make sure your workout is not only challenging, but also safe. If you need a break for water or to catch your breath, take it. If you are pregnant or new to CLASS, it is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional before starting a new workout routine.


To take your workout to the next level, we’ve incorporated heart rate tracking technology to keep your workouts honest and truly effective. Heart-rate monitors capture your elevated heart rate, calories, and overall effort. Earn points and compete against CLASS UFC GYM studios around the globe.